Welcome to the new homepage for UK D&D Tweetup.

UK D&D Tweetup is a not-for-profit organisation, whose goal is to run free to attend, and low cost D&D events for players all across the UK, regardless of gender, ability, or age. We support all editions of D&D, though currently focus on D&D 5th Edition, and our events are planned and promoted using Twitter.

Formed in October 2010, we have run tweetups in Nottingham, Leeds and Worcester for Wizards of the Coast, as well as toured the UK to run games for smaller and more remote groups.

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We hope you enjoy the site and find an event to come along to!

Important News - 4th November 2014

Following 2 months of illness, Adam, the key organiser of the UK D&D Tweetup events, has sought medical attention. The results were not good.
Currently, he's been tested for hypertensive heart failure, lung cancer, and a multitude of other life limiting conditions.
As such, Adam has chosen to follow the medical advice and until his health improves, will no longer be involved in the organising and running of UK D&D Tweetup events.


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